As already introduced, almost all Eu countries have already developed specific laws to prohibit corporal punishment in children (see figure below). In some of these countries, the law refers to the elimination of this type of punishment not only in the schools, which has been practically covered in Europe but also at home. The elimination of corporal punishment at home requires the consideration of the family dynamics and, in general, a complex cultural, social and traditional understanding of its role in each society.

NOPUNISH will provide a systematic and child-rights based approach to develop a sound and well-documented methodology that will contribute to the elimination of corporal punishment.

NOPUNISH tool enables the maturity assessment of the child protection system and facilitates the decision-making process for public, private operators and policy makers.

The overall objective of NOPUNISH is to facilitate the transfer of good practices among European countries by enabling a multi-dimensional self-assessment tool and specific measures in order to enhance the capacity of protection systems to adopt good practices on elimination of corporal punishment.

  • To improve the knowledge on good practices on elimination of corporal punishment in children across the EU.
  • To assess the requirements needed for a successful implementation of a good practice in a different context in the three dimensions considered (legal, social awareness, education, context-related variables, etc).
  • To foster the exchange of good practices and facilitate the process of information sharing between countries and/or regions in Europe, speeding up the adoption of innovative practices.
  • To provide a validated tool that identifies, analyses and facilitates knowledge transfer of the multidimensional requirements of good practices and child protection systems.