NOPUNISH consortia is composed of several different and complementary institutions from 4 different European countries. Among them, two Universities, two relevant NGOs working on the protection of Childs’ Rights, but also one Public Administration are part of the project activities, providing a comprehensive approach concerning those factors influencing the elimination of corporal punishment, but also integrating relevant stakeholders required to design the required planning for change.


The partnership of NO PUNISH is a well-balanced group of heterogeneous actors with large experience in the field of child protection and has been built around the specific needs of the project considering the target groups benefiting from its results and the skills required for the activities proposed. The partnership covers 4 countries (Spain, the Netherlands, Rumania and Estonia) and has a high potential to reach many other countries by means of the associated partner ELISAN and other relevant networks. Partners represent all the stakeholders involved in the child protection system, especially in the implementation of flanking measures accompanying the enforcement of the law:

  • NGOs operating in the field of child protection: Save The Children, Estonian Advice Center (EAC) and GINSO Spain.
  • Legal experts from the academic sector, such as the University of Burgos working since many years close to public authorities such as the Public Prosecution Services;
  • Research organization, Polibienestar of the University of Valencia with large experience in social policy research.
  • Public authorities with competences on child protection such as the Municipality of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) which will ensure that the NO PUNISH approach fulfils the expectations of a local authority.
  • International networks engaging regional administrations and relevant stakeholders: Such as the associate partner ELISAN, a network representing different regions in Europe interested in promoting different innovation concerning social inclusion and rights protection.

In addition, project partners have been continuously working with public administrations in their respective countries so, several entities will be engaged during the project. Also, some regional administrations from Spain, Brussels, Sweden, Italy and France support NOPUNISH results.